Bakery & cafe


All of our breads are made with 100% organic and/or locally sourced ingredients (Arrowhead Mills Flours, Bumpy Road Farm cornmeal, Full Moon Farm Honey, Frontier herbs and spices, organic dairy, fruits and grains), and love!  We bake our Light Wheat everyday for the sandwiches on our lunch menu, but we can bake any of the flavors as a special order.  Just give us a couple of days notice and we'll be happy to bake it for you!

Honey Wheat & Light Wheat (with Full Moon Farms Wildflower Honey)
Multigrain (with Bumpy Road Farms cornmeal and a great blend of other organic grains and seeds!)
Serendipity (onion, rosemary & dill)
Wonderful White (simple Simon, great for sandwiches!)
Sunflower Wheat (more Full Moon Farm Honey & organic seeds!)
French Baguettes (4 simple flour, yeast, sea salt & water!)
Sourdough (long fermentation, great tangy flavor)
Cranberry-Pecan Honey Wheat (with KBH Farms pecans, organic dried cranberries, great for toast or sandwiches!)