~ Pastries ~

Here's the list of what we make...now keep in mind, we like to bake it fresh every day, so we typically offer a selection from the long list below, and sometimes things that are fun and new and not on the list.  Remember, if you want to be sure to pick up your favorite treat, call ahead and we'll set it aside for you! (850) 997 - 2127


Blueberry, raspberry, carrot spice, lemon poppy, double chocolate, cranberry pecan, and on and on...really the list is too long to include!

Again, a huge selection of flavors...just come in and try them, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!
Savory Hand Pies

A selection of meats, cheeses and veggies all wrapped up in our homemade crust.
Breakfast breads

These are savory stuffed breads for those of you that are craving something tasty but not sweet.
Sticky Buns and Glazed Cinnamon Buns

Need we say more?  Cinnamon buns every Tuesday in the case.

We boil em and bake em the right way...only on Wednesdays.

Fresh every day, veggie and meat options.  Often sighted as "best ever quiche".  We recommend calling ahead and saving your piece if you have your heart set on it, because we often sell out!
Savory Danish

With a variety of fillings...sausage, veggies, cheeses, etc...
Sweet Danish

Bear claws, guava cream cheese, apple, peach, etc...

Blueberry or apple, check for them in the case on Wednesdays!

Oatmeal everythings, peanut butter, double chocolate pecan, chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, gluten-free coconut chocolate chip, chocolate crackles, pecan crescents, and more!
Caramel Pecan Bars

Highly addictive, beware!
Triple chocolate brownies or layered brownie bars
Lemon bars
Key Lime Raspberry bars

Granola bars

Including our popular gluten free fruit and nut bars!

See our cake section for popular flavors.
Pies and Tarts

Assorted flavors, depending on season.
Crumb cakes/Coffee cakes/Quickbreads

We're always trying new ones here...banana/zucchini breads, orange cake, pound cakes, the list goes on...

We love our coffee here @ Tupelo's!  We use primarily Rogers Family Company, cause they're a cool company and they are just so dang good!

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